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sassysosa2 years ago
I'm confused. At first MC was comparing their previous male self when they were 180 cm to his current female self which is 140 cm. Now it's 130cm? She just went from the height of an average 10-11 yr old girl to the height of average 8-9 yr old. Her grade at school has also changed. She started out as being from grade 9 in the beginning of the book. She supposedly is in her third year of school which in Japan would be either US grade 9 or 12 since their middle schools have grades 7-9 and their high schools have grades 10-12. However, there was a note, from either author or translator, that year 3 was Grade 10 tho. That doesn't make sense to me so I'm choosing grade 9. Read more Read more If so, then that means she is probably 14-15 yrs old, and yet she's the size of a small child 😱 Show less
citizen272 years ago
Damn she is smol as hell. Troubled growth.. hope she eats better and grows well from now on.
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