The Awakening Of A Star, Shinning In The Twilight
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The Awakening Of A Star, Shinning In The Twilight

When you have a mesmerizing voice, do you dare to take the stage?

This is the story of Izumi Mellissa, a girl who had always dreamed of being a star.

She got the oppurtunity, unknowingly claimed it, and desperately struggled against the hurdels of being an actress and a singer in the world of Entertainment.

On her tough journey, she met Izuru Midoriya, a legendary figure of the Entertainment Industry with an unknown background.

With his support and her daredevil will, she made every hurdle small, every trial easy and ascended like a star, shinning in the twilight...

But, was it really so?

'Bombs are falling.

World is stalling.

I'm still trying,

Why are we fighting?

Words destroy us,

Bait and toy us.

I still love you,

Do you love me too?'

-Simon Curtis

(This novel includes actual songs)

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