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Locher2 years ago
What if he deprives a lv1 skill from Nina like Stalking? She can learn it again and MC benefits from hsving it himself and level it up by himself. He could learn everything and become a jack of all trades.
Yodathethinker2 years ago
What if he can deprive luck from others
Baka2 years ago
i hope that deprive level 3 is depriving stats then 4 is jobs and after that 5 is life
kbin773 years ago
MC passive skills???? ( Physical strength up Lv.5)
Jorimaru3 years ago
Up until now, only MC has such low luck... not even monsters! That can't be good.
FoxReader123643 months ago
depend...bad luck means more tough things happenningwhich in turn gives him possibility to grow... so bad luck is good for him
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