Ch. 001: The Fated Day

"Watch me closely, Caesar. This is how our family- a family of marksmen and sharpshooters do dating back to the wars." said granduncle Ferdi, a laying(?) lively old man who readied his Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 (T) sniper rifle (a harmless and safe realistic beam rifle type duplicate variant for shooting competitions) to its place as he readied himself to aim. " As one of the snipers in our family.. for this case of holding this kind of rifle, one of the things to know is to control your breathing and maintain your posture and focus. The same thing can be said to archery."

My granduncle, Ferdinand Hernandez, like my family members, we get along like always and I love them. My first impression of him when I met him two months ago for the first time, I was sort of shy because I never saw him once but my grandparents and parents often mention his name whenever they talk of him and his role in Marawi Siege and military career. As days go by that time of him looking after me while my grandfather from my mother's side, Grandfather Feli, also publicly known as Juan Felipe De Legazpi, the first Prime Minister of Fifth Philippine Republic, do his duties as the politician in the Philippines to make the country recover from the pandemic that harmed the world itself including the population which started last 2019 or so after I was born during those perilous times, we became closer as I got to hear how he and his team singlehandedly eliminated last of insurgent reds and other surviving terrorist groups during his military career, how he switched to target shooting and airsoft after retiring, and how he taught Dad some of his military skills and secrets before he discharged from his military service and turned to target shooting and airsoft as a hobby and starting up a successful business alongside his buddies from his military service with it including airsoft and a cafe which we were inside right now.

The [Happy Musang] was the name of the business he started - a restaurant that has target shooting stuff included in its menu under my other side of family's [Blue Crescent Group] started by my Spanish ancestors before the Age of Revolution. I heard my family got history of making guns. But from what Granduncle Ferdi told me they do it for precision shooting and shooting sports alongside airsoft ones with some project concept on a new platform for it.

We're currently inside of its main branch and first location, [Lionswill], the target shooting range section of [Happy Musang - Lionswill] with Granduncle handling the 'safe to human and others' target shooting rifle.

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