Ch. 002: The Day After And Sudden Change Of Perspective

'These things..I'm sure they are considered expensive in total value..I have to be one of the best in top 3 as payment for gratitude and thanks.' Looking at the box of [L96 Sniper Rifle] airsoft replica, then to the box of black colored [L96 Sniper Rifle] harmless to anyone' target shooting replica, then to the last one I have in my room with rest of others being cleaned and stowed by my parents, the box of [Philippine Marine Scout Sniper Rifle] airsoft replica, all of these three placed carefully each one another in my room, I thought of what happened last night while laying down in my bed, looking at the ceiling fan.

'That's right, it's the only way. I can't be ungrateful now to my family and fail them.' Last night, I never expected that I received many gifts from my family and family friends.

The first gift I opened, sent by Uncle Emmanuel from Bristol, was an airsoft replica of the L96 Sniper Rifle, the real one formerly used by the British Army. The airsoft gun itself, like all airsoft guns according to Dad, was similar to its 'real steel' counterpart in that it needed a marking to state it's an "airsoft gun".

The second gift sent by Grandfather Noah himself, a harmless [L96 Sniper Rifle] target shooting replica, was what would I expect for part of my childhood because I truly intend to take up shooting sports as one of my hobbies. The gun itself is compatible with any computerized-type targets which makes me somehow glad I tried shooting yesterday.

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