Ch. 004: After First Training, I Made A Friend

"This is how the majority of airsoft and other content creators do nowadays instead of putting a scope cam overlay," explained Dad to me and Alice. "Normally back in a day after the first scope cam was invented, people usually put an overlay and edits in their videos. While it did help airsoft players introducing airsoft to the people online, the appearance and set up of first scope cams though was not much of a help because of its profile if you ask for my opinion."

Dad then showed us pictures of the first scope cams and players that would serve as examples and comparisons of the current design of existing scope cams today and before.

The first picture showed a male airsoft player playing as "Automatic Rifleman" who got his airsoft Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), an HK MG4 light machine gun (LMG), equipped with two cameras - one on the barrel for selfie cam, and the other, stacked on top of the riflescope itself.

That appearance looked awkward for a 'first generation' scope cam.

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