Ch. 2583: Muddy the Waters (1)

Shen Yanxiao stared at Tian Jue, who looked gentle and handsome, but was in fact extremely insane. As far as looks were concerned, who could imagine that a bloodthirsty maniac was hiding under such a handsome and gentle skin?

If this fellow arrived at the Radiance Continent, how many creatures would he end up harming?

The next conversation between the twelve devil generals revolved around the arrangements for the army. Shen Yanxiao listened carefully and recorded everything in her mind one by one. This group of devils was practically “offering” Shen Yanxiao every piece of information. There was no need for Shen Yanxiao to make any effort. This group of guys gathered together and spat out everything, both things that should and should not be said.

After half a day, the twelve devil generals ended the meeting. Gui Jiang arranged a room for them to rest, which was basically always a must at the end of every meeting.

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