Ch. 2586: Let the Storm Come Harder (1)

At night, Qing Jun studied the reincarnation technique in the laboratory, while Shen Yanxiao waited for orders.

Everything was as usual, except that Shen Yanxiao knew that tonight, she was going to take risks.

Testing whether Qing Jun was stronger than her was a dangerous move for Shen Yanxiao. If Qing Jun's strength were indeed above her own, Shen Yanxiao was likely to be exposed, but if it were lower, then everything would become very simple.

Shen Yanxiao's method was very simple. She intended to use a suggestive curse technique directly on Qing Jun. She did not intend to control Qing Jun completely and would actually preserve Qing Jun's will. She must be careful not to be found out by Qing Jun.

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