Ch. 2598: Li Ya (5)

With Gui Jiang gone, Qing Jun soon got back into his research.

Only this time, Qing Jun had gone mad. From the moment he entered the lab, he never took one step outside again. Even when eating, he asked Shen Yanxiao to bring the food into the laboratory. He also slept directly inside the lab. His whole person was completely obsessed with the research.

Qing Jun had been stimulated and had gone to the extremes. But this was good, too. Qing Jun not leaving the room gave Shen Yanxiao more time to gather intelligence in the Guiwang City.

Although Gui Jiang was among the new generation of devil generals, Shen Yanxiao had noticed that he was highly valued by Satan. Regarding the Devil Race’s invasion of the Radiance Continent, Gui Jiang was responsible for many things. This made things easier for Shen Yanxiao.

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