Ch. 2604: Final Preparations (5)

At first, Shen Yanxiao had discussed with Xiu the possibility of having the rulers of the major races and the members of Phantom, as well as Shen Siyu, the Dragon God, and Lan Fengli, fight against the devil generals; but now, things had changed.

The numbers of the devil army were too terrifying. They could not predict how long the battle would last. Having the rulers of the various races fight the devil generals was likely to leave them dead in the middle of the war. In this way, their people would be leaderless and would become lambs under the devil’s butcher knife.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao came back this time to discuss this matter with them.

Should they protect the rulers of the various races while they commanded their respective armies until the end of the war, or should they let them fight against the devil generals and hold back the twelve most frightening war generals of the Devil Race?

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