Ch. 086: Golem Mountain Range

Chapter 86 Golem Mountain Range

Several hours after departing from Forx,

Risa and I had travelled halfway to Golem Mountain Range. I probably would have already arrived at Golem Mountain range, if I was travelling alone, but this time Risa has come along, and so our travelling speed has been reduced drastically so we are still not there yet. But still at this pace we will arrive at the Golem Mountain range by the end of today.

Ok, I guess I can’t keep running like this, since it would be much harder for Risa. If it was Iguru or Marubuta in her place then I would have ran all the way without any problems, but Risa is different from those two. She is not an adventurer but a Regular Ordinary person. I guess we should take a break right about now.

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