Ch. 092: Zonga

I finished treating Gantt-san's injury and then proceeded towards the Village Elder's house to hear the details of the request; I headed towards the location while recalling my previous visit.
As normal, it was quite a large house. It was almost 3 times the size of the regular houses around it. Oops, it seems that I was almost bad-mouthing.
While observing the large house, I could see that there was a small house near the huge house. It looked like a storeroom, but upon looking closer there were people living inside it.
It's weird. There is such a huge house so close, yet they are living in such a tiny house. Well, it's not something that I can help out with. Moreover, the reason that I have come here for is something else entirely.
So I thought and walked towards the entrance of the Village chief's house. Hoping that he was home, I started to knock on the Door and called out to the chief.
A few seconds later, a man came over and told me to wait for a few minutes. Later a man came over and as soon as he saw me, he gave me a cranky look.

[*Spit*, I thought an adventurer had come over, but to think it was just a kid]

Haa, ever since I crossed over to this world people seem to be treating me as child wherever I go, it's probably because I have a kid-like face.

[Excuse me. My name is Yuuma, and I am an adventurer. I am the one who has accepted the Guros rabbitsu subjugation. Is Zonga-san home right now?]

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