Ch. 093: Past

A few minutes after the grandchild came into the room,
An argument was currently breaking-out in front of my eyes between the grandchild and grandfather.

[Why can’t it be me, Ji-chan! I have become a lot stronger than before, if it’s now I can definitely take on the Guros Rabbitsu]
[It is certain that you have grown quite strong. It is something that I know as well. But, you are still far from taking on the Guros Rabbitsu; you still have a long way to go]

Ah, excuse me~ since the briefing for the request has been completed, is it fine if I go back now?

Certainly, it was not a situation where I could say those words out loud. So it might, therefore, be better for me to exit silently, and so, I slowly started to move towards the exit. But suddenly, the man who showed me the way in was blocking my path.

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