Ch. 095: Unexpected Strength

The next morning,
I woke up quickly and got ready for the meet-up at the Village Head’s house.
I groomed myself appropriately, left the room and advanced towards the Dining Hall.
There, I could see that Maria-san had already finished making breakfast, so as soon as I got to the seat, she brought me freshly made breakfast.
This, I am really grateful for this.

[Maria-san, Good morning.
Thank you for the Breakfast so early in the morning.]

Maria-san said it was fine and smiled before going back to the kitchen.
Beautiful, gentle and good at cooking, I am really jealous of Gantt-san.
Now then, I suppose I should eat while it’s still warm.
Yep, It's delicious. This warm soup really hits the spot.
It just makes me wanna do my best for today.
After a few minutes, I had completely finished the breakfast Maria-san prepared, and so I decided to head towards the village Head’s house.
Maria-san who saw me about to leave walked over from the kitchen with something.
While I was wondering what it was,

[Yuma-kun, I made a boxed lunch*, please have it when you have the time.]

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