Ch. 097: True Feelings

[Shingu, this time there are 8 of them, can you handle it?]
[It's them again Nii-chan?. It won’t really be that big of a problem no matter how many of them are there. But aren’t there are little too many of them coming out for a while now?]

It’s true that there are certainly too many of these monsters.
It’s only been a while since we entered Barris forest but the number of Rabbitsu that we have already taken care of already surpassed 50.
Zonga-san told me that there were only about 30 of them but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
But as Shingu said, it really wouldn’t matter no matter how many of these monster come.
Since monsters of this degree don't pose any problems for us.
While I was thinking about these things, Shingu had already finished the battle.

[I’m done, Nii-chan]
[Aa. Good job. It was a good fight.]
[Ee~, no matter how many of these monsters it won’t matter, they are no match for me.]

Shingu said pridefully.
Acha[1], Shingu-kun is getting a little carried away.
It’s certainly true that children should be spoiled but I'm uneasy about continuing with it.
Just to be sure, I should tone it down a little.

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