Ch. 098: Fear

A few hours after we had lunch in the cave.
Shingu and I returned to scouring the forest in search of the Guros Rabbitsu.
In any case, I was able to listen to Shingu's true feelings. I don’t know if it’s fine but since then a change has emerged in Shingu's attitude towards me.
Until now he used to speak with a mature tone. But now I can feel that Shingu has now become a little softer. In other words, he has gone back to how kids really behave with their child-like attitude. Now he actually resembles his age.
This is indeed something that I am happy about. As matter of fact, children really should have a child-like attitude is what I thought, so I was pleased at first. But now I regret it quite a bit; the reason is……….

[Hey hey Nii-chan are you listening!? I definitely think that Minarisu-san is the most exceptional among all the other S-rank Adventurers! Her strength is really amazing and she is even actively playing as an S-rank Adventurer for so many years!]
[That’s right. I have met with Minarisu-san before and she is definitely a wonderful person]

At this point, Minarisu-san is the only person that I have met with whom Appraisal did not work. I feel that I am considerably stronger than before but still, in front of Minarisu-san, it might be absolutely nothing. She is the person who is my immediate goal.
And when I told Shingu that I had spoken with Minarisu-san previously,
Shingu who was right next to me, started rhapsodizing with his eyes literally shining.

[WOW, I did not know that Nii-chan had already met with Minarisu-san. Nii-chan I hope that I can meet with Minarisu-san someday and talk about various adventurer stories! Then then, the next most exceptional S-rank adventurer is Revunanto-san!]

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