Ch. 100: Reconciliation

He honestly fought really well. I give my heartfelt praises to Shingu who was sleeping in my arms.
To be honest, I thought that he was done the moment that Shingu got attacked since it was impossible to stand after that attack.
But Shingu never gave up. In order to defend everyone in the Barris Village, his desire made him attain victory and triumph over the enemy of his deceased father.
I don’t really believe in the power of will theory, therefore, I think that this will be the only time that this will happen.
Now then, it’s better to stop thinking about all these things for now and to first treat Shingu’s injury.
And so, after resting Shingu's body on a nearby tree trunk, I cast recovery Magic.


When I cast the magic, A pale blue light emerged and wrapped around Shingu’s body and his body started to visibly heal its wounds. And when the light dimmed, the injury which was causing Shingu a painful sleep slowly changed and became a gentle slumber.
It seems like the treatment worked.

[Alright, this much should be alright. All that’s left is to get back to the Barris Village. But there is something that I should do before that.]

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