Ch. 101: Banquet

I was currently worn-out and resting at the inn that Maria-san ran.
Even saying that I was worn-out would be an understatement, I am not really that tired physically, rather, it was mental exhaustion. And the cause of the fatigue was definitely due to the events a few hours ago.
A few hours earlier, Shingu who had returned to the village was able to reconcile with all the people in the village without any real problems. It was a good thing in itself, but after that, it became really hard. Why? Well, they kept crying for more than an hour; and It was on quite a huge scale since most of the inhabitants of the Barris village was gathered there.
At first, I thought it was something that could be avoided, but when I was about to leave, they were like the monsters from the forest stampeding towards me as they all came for me. Thankfully, they stopped as soon as they reached me, but the trouble that came about with this is that I had no choice but to speak to each and every single inhabitant of the village which took quite a lot of time.

[I can understand that the people came with good intentions. But that I was really tiring, I should lie down for a while.]

Thinking so, I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes.
If possible I wanted to take a small nap but it would seem that I don't have the luxury to do so, because just then, as expected, someone knocked on the door to my room.

[Yuuma-san are you awake? The Village chief said that he had something that he wished to talk to you about.]

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