Ch. 102: 102

Chapter 102 Majin[Devil]

The man in front of me identified himself as Ranbiris Rezom; a person of the Majin[Devil] demon race.
This might be just intuition acting up but I couldn't sense any lies in his words. What he said might actually be the truth.
Moreover, he is a person from the Majin[Devil] Demon race. I did hear about the Demon Lord just a while ago, but this is the first time I am meeting a person of the Demon race.
When I was thinking about such things, Ranbiris who was in front of me was looking intently at the mixture of emotions like surprise, discomfort and so on that was going through my head.

[Ha, in the past humans would fear the beings of the demon race. How the flow of time has changed. Or maybe you think that what I am telling a lie?]
[Sorry about that. I can somehow tell that you really aren’t telling a lie. But quite frankly, I've never heard of the demon race before, nor have I seen them before. So I don’t really know if I should be afraid or not?]

Ranbiris seemed to be convinced by my answer.
He spread his arm to show that he meant no danger and spoke while smiling.

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