Ch. 001: [Arc 0 Chapter 1A]- The Wandering City of Telnaraa

Chapter 1A- The Wandering City of Telnaraa.

The desert sun was scorching Airen's bare shoulders. Vulture-like magical creatures circled overhead, their pair of dark, beady eyes surveying the scene below. Two garbed men sat on two camel-like horses pulling a hood-less caravan. Airen sat listlessly on the wooden floor, next to several well stacked crates, the sweltering heat causing him to sweat profusely and the rope binding his legs and arms were already soaked with sweat. A blindfold blocked him from seeing.

"Here, drink." Airen raised his head and felt his one of his captors holding a canteen towards his mouth. The liquid of life poured into his mouth and he almost choked while swallowing it.

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