Ch. 006: [Arc 0 Chapter 3A]- The Library of the History Eater

Chapter 3A- The Library of the History Eater

“Airen, have you seen the bottle of oil?” Eullina asked as she rummaged through her bags. It was early in the morning and they were about to leave for their respective duties. “I was going to oil my bow but I can’t seem to find it..”

“I’ll go get it.” Airen replied, shooting a meaningful glance at Fieluri, who was sitting on Airens’ bed scribbling away into her book with one hand, and holding the bottle of oil with the other. Airen made his way outside with Fieluri drifting behind him, who had uncorked the bottle and was sampling the liquid within.

“Fiel, I said to wait until nighttime to steal things!” Airen scolded while they made their way to towards the mess hall. “It’s one thing that nobody else can see you, but at this rate, Eullina is going to think I’m haunted!”

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