Ch. 007: [Arc 0 Chapter 3B]- The Legend Never Ends

Chapter 3B: The Legend Never Ends.

When Yuelei’s eyes opened, what she saw was an unfamiliar ceiling from which various plants were being hung to dry. Shadows danced along the wall, and she felt that her body ached all over as she tried to get up.

“Stay down and don’t move.” A voice called from from her right. When she turned her head, she both saw the cabin which Lin dwelled, as well as the man himself. Turquoise eyes met with eyes of black. Feeling a pang of pain, Yuelei winced, and pulled back the blanket to find her naked body covered with bandages. One of them started to have red dots form.

“You’ve opened up the wound.” Lin sighed as he walked over to a small cabinet with many, many small drawers. Opening several of the drawers and pulling out strange herbs and tubers, he tossed them into a small stone bowl. Working quickly, he started to grind the items into a yellow paste-like pulp.

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