Ch. 008: [Arc 0 Chapter 4A]- Secrets Among Friends

Chapter 4A- Secrets Among Friends

“That makes eighty-four losses. Isn’t it time you gave up, Airen?” Fieluri mumbled as she replaced a blue leather-bound book onto a shelf high in the air. She flew down towards the ground where Airen laid and pulled out the long katana that had been run through his heart and tossed it aside. A yellow aura surrounding her hands, she placed it over Airen. A few moments later, Airen’s eyes opened and he quickly sat up.

“I lost again, didn’t I?” Airen sighed as he stared across the field. A man garbed in a black uniform faced at him, one scabbard on his back and two on his waist. A red headband covering the man’s eyes made it appear that the man was obviously blind.

“How can a blind swordsman be so strong?” Airen sighed. “I’m done for today, Fiel. Thanks.”

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