Ch. 012: [Arc 0 Chapter 5B]- The Girl in the Cask

Chapter 5B- The Girl in The Cask

“Now, now Yuelei. Sit still or I’m going to mess up.” A refined girl gently patted Yuelei’s shoulder as she combed through Yuelei’s hair. Yuelei sighed as she had trouble dealing with Arfled’s daughter, Silfy, and her carefree and lighthearted personality.

After the ritual had taken place, Lin had said that the girl would have to stay another month, to deal with any side effects that may occur. Lumnieve and company had frolicked in the gaping hole where the lake once existed, gathering the fish and edibles. A huge bonfire was lit that night, and human and beast alike had sat together and heartily enjoyed a meal. Lin had given Silfy a sleep drought right after the ceremony along with some tonics. Arfled stayed by his daughter's side the entire time after thanking Lin many, many times until he was annoyed and sent him off to run more fetching errands..

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