Ch. 053: Setting Up Defenses

I went down the tower and watched the villagers busily moving around the collapsed trap. They made new traps around the old traps to increase the coverage. The traps varied from each other.

There were ropes hidden in the grasses, forming a mesh to trip the skeletons. Since they can only see life force, it is quite effective but the villagers will also have to be careful not to get tripped themselves. There were stones all over the place to provide additional blunt damage.

The villagers worked slowly with only the help of torches at the base of the wall. A few mages were using magic to amplify their vision and watched over the woods. Mary occasionally extended her search magic deep into the woods as well.

Gerry could be seen checking out the bones retrieved from the outside for the damage caused by blunt spears. The bones are very fragile and a hit from the spear thrust broke most of them. Some were really old that when the mana dissipated, a single punch can break it.

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