Ch. 054: Second Attack (1)

With the bell sound from the church, the night arrived. The villagers took rest in the village hall while the sentries stood on the tower at the wall. The mages have produced a few enchanted stones which provide some lighting and spread them around the perimeter and the woods.

I closed my eyes while sitting against the tower wall. Mary sat beside me, looking at the moon above. The mages were still busy studying the ghoul they have just seen for the first time with only a few of them grumbling on the tower from being left out.

The first half of the night was quiet. Too quiet to be exact. Half the sentries were struggling to keep themselves awake since a while ago. Gerry sent out other militias to replace them. The mages on the tower probably have dozed off since there haven’t been any noises since an hour or two ago.

My bracelet vibrated and woke me up. I have set it to vibrate every two hours to catch some rest while keeping myself from falling into deep sleep. I shifted the fallen blanket over Mary who was sleeping on my lap.

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