1933-1945 The War of the Supermen

It all began when Hitler officially used the first superhuman soldier in World War Two. This soldier was called Ubermensch, and he was the ideal of the Aryan race that the despot envisioned: blue eyes, blond hair, tall, and rippling with muscles. He could fly, was impervious to gunfire, and strong enough to lift buildings. After using him as a stallion to impregnate a number of German women to pass on his prodigious genes, he was deployed on the front when Germany's position was becoming untenable. Everywhere he went, massacre and desolation followed until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States of America joined the war. To counter Ubermensch, the Americans deployed their own superhuman, Major Freedom, whose powers mirrored those of the German super soldier. Then, more and more supermen and women from the US and other Allied countries joined when the Auschwitz camp was discovered and the evil deeds of Germany were brought to light.

Nikola Tesla, facing his waning years, in 1941 successfully perfected a serum that restored him to the youthful vigor of his twenties and gave him superhuman regeneration. The CIA and the richest individuals around the world hunted him down for it. The poor man, like many geniuses and visionaries, had underestimated the power of human greed. Even while dodging most of the world’s two-bit villains, Tesla was still resolved to help his fellow humans, and superhumans, in the war by finding other superhumans that had previously gone undetected. Thanks to a breakthrough while studying Major Freedom, a superhuman detector was invented. Superhumans give off a different radiation signature than normal humans. It became much easier to find them after this discovery.

This was how Major Freedom, The Leopard, and Nikola Tesla found the undersea continent of Amazonia in the Bermuda triangle. The Amazonian Queendom was thousands of years more advanced than the countries that fought in World War Two. Tesla, having lost sight of the reason they entered the hidden country in the first place, began asking too many questions. As a result, they were imprisoned in the Queen's dungeons. After being kept prisoner for a week, Major Freedom, Tesla, and their military retinue were given an audience with Queen Dorina King herself. Major Freedom spoke first to ask the Amazonian Queendom to help them in the war and come join with their fellow humans on Earth, but he was quickly refused. The Leopard, taking a different approach, instead told the Queen that they would find worthy foes in the war and have many good fights. This caught Queen Dorina's attention and caused her to accept their plea for help. The Leopard later told Major Freedom that not everyone was as noble as he was and that the Amazonians were a rowdy bunch that loves war and fighting.

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