Ch. 000: Prologue

Malicia comforted the crying baby on her bosom. She remembered feeding and changing her, maybe she was crying because of being cold? It could be from either the frigid night air or the magical portal draining the heat from the area around them. The little treasure was cold, so she relented and cast a temperature regulating spell around her, seconds passed and the infant calmed down gradually and snuggled more tightly against the sorceress. Malicia’s cold, little heart warmed at this sight; her goddaughter was one-of-a-kind.

Six months ago, she helped bring little Elissa into the world at the insistence of her friend, Empress Daphne. Then, everything changed when the Dark Lord attacked. He took over villages and hamlets at first, the soldiers sent to stop him and his growing army didn’t take him seriously. After his crushing victory against the Phantasian troops, more discontent Fallen had flocked to his banner. Now everything seems lost as the Dark Lord imprisoned her best friend and killed her husband.

*Daphne my beautiful friend, I will save your daughter even if I must leave the star that nurtured us.* Malicia thought.

She remembered her Empress with fond feeling; a platinum blonde beauty with piercing green emerald eyes full of power with an omnipresent superior grin on her face. Men and women stared breathlessly when she smiled. Daphne was not only blessed with beauty but was also a warrior and an elemental ice mage. Traits that she seems to have passed to her daughter, Elissa; the girl has soft pale blonde baby locks on her head and a tenacity rarely seen in six months old babies, as she demanded milk from Malicia’s breast. The Dae relented and uncovered a breast to let the infant suckle. Thanks to magic, Malicia was able to induce lactation; this much was necessary since she has become Elissa's godparent and nursemaid.

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