Ch. 099: East-West War and Reanis´s liberation

Town chapter 99: East-West War and Reanis´s liberation

Fujiwara Town is divided into north and south. The northern part of the town is a residential area of the different races and there is the castle named special zone in it. It houses trucks and tanks and Chief Jiharu´s wolf tribe is always on guard, as the place where they live is also in that special zone. Nobuhide [Purchased] [D-type Warehouse] in the special zone and was living with Catherine in it.

By the way, today is one day less than a month from the battle with the Initia Kingdom Army. It was still in the midst of the sun rising in the eastern sky. Catherine drowsed asleep on the sand laid down in [D-type Warehouse] and Nobuhide spread [Beach Chair] next to her and worked for reading (Manga).

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