Destination of Crybird
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Destination of Crybird

Destination of Crybird

Author: 洋之東西 ( Hiroyuki tōzai)

Original Link:

Translator: Libert8

Editor: Zed

Synopsis :

A young man, who struggled with all his efforts but crushed down by the wall of his own talent, alas gave up on becoming a top ranked person in his life, lost his life dramatically.

This man was born into a different world called Ryguil that has concepts such as magic, skill and level as Larcus Crybird with the memories of his previous life. He was born with an unique skill that allows him to possess any skills in existence by putting some efforts. Larcus once again started to live in there, aiming to be the strongest.

However in this world, there were countless monsters that can not be beaten by only relying on swordsmanship nor magic. Currently monsters was quite aggressive and humanity was slowly declining. In such a world how will Larcus , who keeps aiming to be the strongest while falters time to time, end up with?

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