Who are we?

We are Foxteller, formerly known as Rebirth Online, a community of creators with the common goal of bringing quality novels to those in need of something to read. We’ve been in the business of assisting Creators since 2013, and have come a long way since setting out to implement our vision of what a great site should look and feel like. We’ve gone from consisting of a single guy and his editor to a staggering 60 creators as per 2019.

What do we offer?

FoxTeller offers a wide range of novels of virtually all conceivable genres, with the exception of erotica — sorry, folks. The origins of the works we host vary greatly. We feature novels from all across the globe, reaching all the way from the Island of Japan to the cold reaches of Scandinavia, and from the jungles of the old Commonwealth to the Land of the Free. Safe to say, we offer a wide variety of styles and perspectives, both translated and original.

Who’s responsible?

Who are the creators?

How can I get in touch?

Our friendly staff is always online on Discord in some capacity, be it managers, moderators or creators; all of them are there to answer questions!

Discord: Join our discord

If your inquiry is urgent, or business-related, you should send us a mail: ([email protected])

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