Spark of Divinity
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Spark of Divinity

Life was going great - right up until Tara died.

She'd always expected that to be it. Death is final, after all. But when she reaches the afterlife, she's instead presented with a destiny she'd never bargained for. Instead of reincarnating to begin a new life as a human, she's been selected as a candidate for divinity.

Lucky her.

Thrown into the dubious situation of establishing herself as a fledgling goddess in a cruel, skeptical world, Tara grabs for the only chance she can see. Not everyone will be happy to see her, and not everyone will approve of her smashing through celestial society like a wrecking ball.

Giving up means laying down and accepting oblivion, though - and that's something Tara refuses to do. She'll have her birthright, and she'll have her name.

And then Terra will rise again.


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