Dwelling of Wild Thoughts
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Dwelling of Wild Thoughts

This the place of dusk,

And the bringer of dawn,

Where old turns to dust,

Yet lives on in memories of new.

This the place of random thoughts,

Of deranged mumbles, and whispers shadowy,

And of life's deaththroes and the blooming of all,

A bit of everything, one shall find in here.

Along with the darkness,

And silence of void,

Everything and nothing,

Converges in there.

Whether to stay here,

Or to remain not,

Shall be up to discretion,

Just and only Yours.

Alternative description, as per requested:

This novel, at least for the time being, will be exactly as the title suggests, a place for my wild thoughts to take shape.

For the time being there won't be any main theme, just my random one-shots.

Little pieces of poetry, maybe some exempts related to them, and finally one-shots or short stories, I might end up writing them all.

Why would it be so diverse? It's quite simple, it's because I find joy in writing, and whenever I feel like it, I just sit down and do so.

For years I have been scrapping whatever it was I kept on writing, because I felt the things I wrote were not up to par with what I wanted.

But I decided that it's enough of that, and I will start posting here, for you readers to decide whether something is worth keeping.

*Do note that there is no particular order to reading the chapters, due to their one-shot nature.*

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