How to Survive a Summoning 101
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How to Survive a Summoning 101

A world where mortals are simply instruments for the gods, a man is summoned to do their bidding. He will stop at nothing to forge his own path through his accursed fate. In the land where there are no heroes, a lone man fights against the design with blood, violence and sarcasm.

Can he break the vicious cycle or will he be consumed by his own hatred? What will he do in a world where things can change in a moment? How will he cope with his own inner darkness?

Every power has its price.

Come delve into the epic world of Sangraal, violent and dark with its mythos as well as fresh with its new spin lampooning all the cliched J-novels ever.

Kill. Die. Tsukkomi.

A request to viewers: Please drop in reviews. Otherwise I won’t even know how to improve or what you guys liked. Help me please.

Cover Art by Sleeping Soul In the Sky

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