I’t Not Easy To Be A Transmigrator
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I’t Not Easy To Be A Transmigrator

Magic is the most mysterious thing in this world. It's a story that happened long, long ago, in the Old Land about Human Ancestor accidentally eat unknown fruit which caused his body to explode because it could not hold the amount of energy that consisted of the unknown fruit. His spirit was scattered along with the mysterious energy which is now called Mana...

"Hahaha, this Human Ancestor has definitely had the silliest legend, ever! He must have been starved and accidentally found an unknown fruit and didn't even aware that he actually gonna created such legend" Lilia laughed as she read the synopsis of the novel she just bought.

She walked while reading on the street without realizing what was happening above her.


On the verge of her death, she finally realized that she also created such silly legend, furthermore, it's sillier than Human Ancestor's.

She died crushed by someone who was committing suicide.


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