Hyaku ma no Shu
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Hyaku ma no Shu

Hyaku ma no Shu

Alternate Names: “Lord of Hundred Demons” or “Hyaku ma no Omo”

Author: Aoi Yamato

Synopsis: An adolescent boy was in a hospital room and on his death-bed, he is invited to cross to another world by the spirits of the dead.
Youth Merea ⋅ Mea second time alive, starting from a corner of the holy mountain that spirits wander along with regrets.
It was Merea that was brought in order to dispel the lingering regrets of the spirits and let them got to heaven as he grows, but this era made him be a 『Demon Lord』 instead of a 『Hero』.
Time has changed the label of Demon Lord, Along with the first twenty-one who climbed to the sacred mountain as means to escape, Merea is determined to live in the world of war.
The story of the man who will be called [Lord of Hundred Demons], the story of a hundred Demon Lords had begun.

Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8125cd/

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