Quick Transmigration: The Female Lead's Substitute
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Quick Transmigration: The Female Lead's Substitute

After leading a miserable life of poverty and being killed for interfering on a crime scene, Ye Zhi was awakened with a weird, mechanic voice in her head.

System: "Host, I am your system. You must play the position of the Female lead's substitute in every world, helping the Male lead reach the pinnacle of life. Every time you complete a task, you will get points and with the points you accumulate from every task, you can get 24 hours of life back in your world."

Ye Zhi: "?"

System: "You can also use your points to escape your former life of poverty."

Ye Zhi: "!?"

System: "Now, shall we venture off on a journey to help the Male Lead achieve happiness?"

Ye Zhi: "..."

And so, with not much of an explanation, Ye Zhi is swooped up to complete her tasks, helping the Male Lead ascend to prosperity, destroying the White Lotus, saving the Female Lead and living a leisurely life of wealth and riches.


"Zhi Zhi, where are you going? Are you going to leave me?"

"Zhi Zhi, come here, let this prince hug you."

"If anyone dares to hurt my Zhi Zhi, they'll be killed off without a complete corpse!'

Why did all the Male Leads fall for her!? No! Be with the Female lead! I only want a peaceful life! QAQ



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