Reborn as the Founder's Descendant, Bringing Change
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Reborn as the Founder's Descendant, Bringing Change

Past life, the very thing people come to their mind will be some poor sap or Average Joe having memories of their previous lives making their lives, depending on their past selves, for better or for worst.

Now before I tell you about myself, I would like to ask you question - do you believe in time travel?

If your answer is no, that's very unfortunate because it happened Pre-Magic Era 2016 that caused things to change there with changes in history, and the beginning of Magic Era when a worm hole appeared in the ASEAN country's skies that sent them to early signs of World War 2.

My ancestor, the former Davao mayor turned Father of Modern FSEA, was a proof of it.

But what if I tell you that what if there's a world of magic, not the one I currently live in, but elsewhere? Well, he was there and one of the Founding Fathers in that country before he returned to Earth.

I know what I will tell you will sound cliche but I'll get to the point about myself: When I died, I have recollection of two past lives.

The first one is my previous self from Earth.

The second one is my previous self from that world.

Sounds weird, right? My name is Lyonel Swordhaven, this is my story.


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