Caesar Augustino
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Caesar Augustino

One-shot, one kill. These words are associated with trained snipers all over the world.

In reality, I am one of them and the training I had since childhood made me who I am as a sniper when I first tried to shoot a safe gun designed for target shooting for people all the ages at the age of 6.

The interesting game, Infinite Dendrogram? I am one too there, they don't even know my face because of that mask I wore.

Unlike the 'inferior' quality snipers in that game who failed to take down a moving target when I observed them with my scope at that time, I showed them, including the Infinite Dendrogram community, what a real one with real-life training, in the words of gamers, a pro, can do.

Seriously though, at one time in my Infinite Dendrogram life around the time I started playing, there's this group who asked me such a question of why I am able to grasp it and what's the secret.

I teasingly gave them a reply: "Family tradition dating back to the American Revolutionary War, all thanks to my ancestor who recreated and kept the written accounts, what’ll become known as sniping today. Now, now, everything's classified if you ask what kind of training I've been through including real life."


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