Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha
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Isekai shoukan makikomu ijousha



High school student Saginomiya Iori is a commonly loner who was a loner in his class, as for Iori, he is summoned as a hero with his classmates in a different world.

That place was a fantasy world with sword and magic.

In such a world Iori got a skill at a space he visited by the summoning process from a gaudy goddess and he lives in the different world with this skill now. That kind of story.

YANDERE is Japanese culture (‘ ω ‘)

Tags: R15, Romance, Fantasy, OP MC, different world, Harem, Yandere, Vampire, cruel description, whole class summoning,

Translation: Parthios

TLC: Yuki

Editor: Anon

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