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It began with a simple encounter, an intentional accident, and a failed murder attempt.

On the day Menno Karan met the general of Estahr, never had he thought their lives would intertwine so much. Yet as if tugged by a string of fate, they just kept on running into each other.

Menno, the painter who had profound interest in any sort of beauty, could not deny his attraction to that beautiful calamity, the general in a golden mask; whereas the general himself regarded him as a murder suspect, and later, a spy from the neighbouring country.

With each passing day and even more encounters, a friendship formed; and perhaps something more..

"Rest assured. I have taken a pledge before people of the Great. I shall not dishonour my pledge."

"But Lady, I have never responded to your pledge."

There was a legend in Estahr.
A legend of loyalty and trust.
A legend of love and friendship.
A legend about the journey of the heart of the general in golden mask.

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