Level Eater
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Level Eater

Tatsuro Hasami and Atsuki Mei, two ordinary teenage Japanese children, experienced and earthquake while going home from school.

The earthquake cracked space and the two were transported into another world.

Landing in a forest the two initially began to grieve. Without their knowledge though, a system had installed itself into their bodies, one which helped them gain skills and status.

Tatsuro obtained the “Level Eater” skill. "Level Eater" allowed the host to eat other peoples levels/skills and make it his own.

Mei obtained the “Military God” skill. A skill which allowed the host to obtain and use any and all offensive classes, without the needing to specialize.

They cooperate together and using the cheat skills venture out of the forest and counting to explore this new world.

This is a story of two ordinary kids.

This is their story.

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