Across the Ocean
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Across the Ocean

Greetings, dear guest from Earth. I, Chronicle, have read your written request to know about the past of the world known as Nel-Radin. Do not be so surprised by my appearance of youth, nor fear that I am not the woman you seek; we Maguses age unlike the other races at a very different pace. I am her, the voice of history. Regarding your request, I am intrigued as to why you refer to the story you wish to hear as the “Peasant Prince”. It is true that Mayen, the protagonist, became known as such, but all the witnesses I came into contact with, when still alive, unanimously had called it “Across the Ocean”. Before I start, I must warn you: your world is different from mine. There will be words new to you, undefined by your dictionaries, so I will define them when they pop up in the telling. Some contexts might be more than just different from those you have learned about through the history of your own world; those I shall equally unpack for you. It is to be expected when you ask about a universe inhabited by not one, but many intelligent races. Feel free to take notes, should you treat this as a history class, although I would recommend you focus on listening, and thinking about the truth I will share with you. I ask only this from you : keep your questions for the end, once all is said.

Now, the story of the “Peasant Prince”, as you Earth Dwellers call it, is actually known as “Across the Ocean” on Nel-Radin. Yes, it is true that we will follow the footsteps of this man named Mayen from his young age to his later years, but it is wiser to refer to one’s story as one’s part within history. Though one can do great things, and this one surely did, our impact on the world is only truly important when not caring about the passage of time. Mayen’s exploits, his rise from peasantry to nobility, are the products of circumstances preordained by a sovereign God, and so what he has accomplished is what he had been equipped for since eternity past. This may be confusing for you, as you tend to think of free will and of absolute sovereignty as two incompatible concepts. I hope you will understand it is not so as we venture into the past with my telling.

I will start with the first book, for those stories have been written down for the sake of future generations. As the author, I have given it the title “On the Run”, for it is about Mayen’s life taking a new path in the midst of events caused by conspiracies and schemes he was not aware of at the time. It is, in your words if you will, the story of an adolescent who searches for a future bride with his father in a city and getting involved into an evil monster’s plot. There will be other characters, some which are good and others which are bad; those, I will not tell you if they are good or not, for that is your task, as a listener, to judge for yourself. Learn from those who have lived before you, and only then will you be entitled to pass judgement, should you still wish. So let us begin the part of history played by Mayen, the “Peasant Prince”; let us begin the story “Across the Ocean”!


Characters in this book are meant to be in part the product of the culture they live in, meaning they won't hold to today's ideals or defend all the same causes we do. It is also meant to allow in future books some stories on social reforms.


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