The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard
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The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard

(怠惰なドラゴンは働き者 – Taidana doragon wa hatarakimono)

Author:Unhealthy Excellent Children (不健康優良児)



A high school student was overran by a truck and couldn’t dodge. Ichiro thought that he was dead, but in fact, he had been reincarnated into another world, called Gaia. He became one of the seven divine guardian gods! Excited by his tough body and strong abilities, he declares: “I will spend my days lazily! Yeah!” However, as a guardian god, he has lots of work to do. Today, the lazy dragon is trying to protect the peace of the world. Protect the peace so that he can take afternoon naps and spend his days lazily.

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