The Return of The Noble Abandoned Consort
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The Return of The Noble Abandoned Consort

When she wake up, she already jumped through the dynasty of the history. Qiao Wei fell silent, how can she being unlucky? Sleep can also crossing through a history? Even jump two levels, became the mother of the two small buns.

Looked at the small buns sparkling little eyes, Qiao Wei can not tell a word to refuse.

Bad! how can she handled such situation, she is not even a mother, can anything being worser that this?

Raise the buns, get a prosperous and fortune.

If someone not being evil, i will leave it untouched. If people respect me, I will respect people, but if people make a trouble on me, although hard i will punish them.

Xinglin spring, even she was an abandoned woman but she could make a beautiful life too.

"Nān Nān, finally aunt can found you! How did you leave that year? Aunt was looking for you like crazy! You are still alive is really good, let's go home with Auntie! A woman earned so much money is very unsafe outside!" Said a beautiful woman with a veil.

"You do not care about my childs, but want to touch my money, it really hurts me! Do you know it, Auntie?" Qiao Wei looked cold.

Small steamed buns looked back and forth to a cold-looking man: "Mother, uncle said he was my father."

Qiao Wei smiled: "Good son, tell your father to prove his identity, what should be done?

Small buns open a gold booklet, one by one said: "Qiao's Family Rules" one hundred and one, insult an underage girl will be given a palace punishment. "Uncle, if you really my father ... ..."

Ranging from a small buns finished, man grabbed the cold fingertips Qiao Wei's chin, showing a touch of cold and dangerous smile: "If this Lord remembered right, it seems that night you are being hard on this Lord!"

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