Unmotivated Hero's Tale
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Unmotivated Hero's Tale

In the Kingdom of Claris, a small country in the west of the continent, there was a young officer known as the「Deadbeat of the Royal Capital」. In this golden age of magic, he was unable to use most forms of magic and, considered a good-for-nothing officer, he was demoted to the countryside.

However, the unmotivated officer was delighted at his demotion, and was planning to act as if he had retired to the countryside. But contrary to his wishes, the turbulence of the times called for him to stand on the center-stage of history.

This story is the tale of the upheaval across the continent in which Yui Istarz, the unmotivated officer who was called the「Deadbeat of the Royal Capital」and「Karlin’s Daytime Lantern」 became known as the「Hero who Saved the Country」.

(Unmotivated hero’s tale Ω)

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