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Keith O'Cuinn is a carrier of a deadly virus that has spread throughout the world, leaving death and destruction in its wake. He is one of the few who is immune to its effects but unfortunately, he spreads it wherever he goes, like an unwitting harbinger of doom.. As if that wasn't enough, he is taken into custody by the CDC to help them develop a vaccine for the virus.

Keith agrees, hoping to make up for his unwitting role in spreading the virus. However, despite their best efforts, the CDC fails to create a vaccine that works. In a last-ditch effort, they decide to put Keith in cryostasis until they can find a way to cure him and prevent him from spreading the virus any further.

Years pass by, and Keith is revived from cryostasis, only for the researchers to fail once again to create an effective vaccine. Disappointed but not surprised, Keith is put back into cryostasis and left to slumber.

Finally, after many more years pass, Keith is revived once more. This time, however, he is given some good news: the virus has been defeated. But there's a catch. The researchers inform Keith that they might have a way to allow him to return to society, but not in the way you might expect.

This has a body swap tag, yet not in the way it's usually meant. He doesn't swap bodies with someone, so that isn't it. You'll find out how I'm using it fairly quickly. The same is true for the mind-break tag


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