The Dinapinerius Chronicles
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The Dinapinerius Chronicles

An extract from the second page from the private diary of the third and also, the last Marbiaevian Emperor.

I flew higher than I had ever but lost my way in the skies.

They clipped my wings and made me fall from the heavens into the earth below.

The gods tried to help me ascend once again but they were powerless in a place they first abandoned.

My only friend was the selfish darkness seeping from the edges of horizon.

Salvation was a far cry from anything within reach.

The light inside my eyes has scattered, my unbecoming set in stone.

But I remember all the love, all the hate, and even the emptiness. My anger cannot be vanquished.

I will have my revenge against the starry hosts.

The young emperor ascended the golden throne at a tender age.

They called him a prodigy. Others praised him a Nobel laureate. The rest obeyed him as the grand general.

But never did they know that behind the mask he donned was a wrathful, inhuman creature not of this world. They didn't notice that was also the reason why he couldn't use magic or even talk to the gods.

He was far from insane and thankfully, his wrath was not directed at this world but against his origins.


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