Harem of the Dora Prince
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Harem of the Dora Prince

Title: Harem of the Dora Prince

Author: Aisaka Takato

Editor: Yon

Publisher: Kodansha

Raw link: Here


"Dragon-riding" Prince Craft returned to the imperial capital after traveling around. Refraining from his coronation, he received marriage proposals from each country. Although Craft dislikes marriage, he established the "Bride Training Department" and he will marry the woman who remained at last. If it's done at all, it's fascinating! In front of Craft who volunteered to be the lecturer and the referee of this training department, each lovely and perfect bride appeared one after another! A positive female pervert-like cousin, a glamourous beast girl, a black-haired swordsman with ponytail, a blond small breasted princess and a tanned and lively girl with big breasts.These 5 girls approach Craft! A expressionless maid and a brave loli stepsister join the tumult, too! Who does the Dora Prince choose!? How about all of them! This is the start of a harem, romantic and comedy story!!

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