The Lightning Brigade
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The Lightning Brigade

At the cost of all you love, ignite your soul! Fight, Lightning Brigade!

Awakening to an ancient legacy that they want no part of, Jordan, Anna and Rick discover they are the heirs to an overwhelming alien power. A power that Anna's mother, Rebecca, took up nearly ten years prior. Together they must learn how to master this dangerous new ability to combat monsters that would see humanity dead. Though they are barely teenagers, they will fight to change the world. However, they do not stand unopposed.

Rebecca seeks to shield them, the Supreme United Nations wants to weaponize them, and sinister alien intellects seek to control them. The Lightning Brigade want none of it. They fight for humanity, against the unseen horrors lurking beneath the surface and the monsters that await beyond the stars. Manipulators and deceivers on all sides, Anna, Jordan and Rick find they only have each other to trust. This is the start of their story, one fraught with peril and great danger. Join them, won’t you?

Chapters will go up in batches until I've caught up with other websites, after that it will resume a two a week schedule. I will be starting a patreon soon for those who wish to support me.


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